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organic tea exporters in India

Nepalese Tea Hurting Darjeeling Tea?

Early last year, a Parliamentary Standing Committee reported that tea from Nepal was slowly “infiltrating” the Darjeeling tea industry. The report noted that Nepalese tea was trying to usurp the position of Darjeeling tea.

Firstly, the report noted that there was widespread and unchecked entry of Nepalese tea into the region. If one knows the geographical location of Darjeeling, one will see that it is not very far from the Nepal border. Consequently, it is not difficult for Nepalese tea to make an entry into Darjeeling as this organic tea exporter in India well knows.

Secondly, the report noted that Nepalese tea was being mixed in with Darjeeling tea and being sold as authentic Darjeeling tea. This spurious tea is giving Darjeeling tea a very bad reputation. Darjeeling tea happens to be India’s first Geographical indication-tagged product, which is a prestigious accolade the region has won for itself.

organic tea exporters in India

If spurious quality tea continues to proliferate, there will be a complete breakdown of trust in international markets. Subodh Brothers, an organic tea exporter in India, gives you authentic Darjeeling tea which you can enjoy.

Nepalese tea is also known as Himalayan tea and is grown at more or less the same altitude as Darjeeling tea. Also, as this organic tea exporter in India knows, it can be up to 50% cheaper. Hence, unless the government steps in to intervene, there’s not much exporters can do about the situation.

So, what should the consumer who loves Darjeeling tea do?

We are trying to spread awareness about the true state of affairs regarding what goes on behind your favourite brew. We hope this will inspire you to buy only authentic Darjeeling tea from the right sellers. It not only supports the industry but also ensures that the right vendors are supported.

Wrapping Up

Buy your tea from authentic organic tea exporters in India. This way you are sure you are paying for the authentic stuff and your brew is the right one!

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