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Our origin dates back to 1923. With a legacy passed on through generations, today we stand tall as one of the esteemed dealers and exporters of tea, setting benchmarks for this industry. Our story can be spun around a time when a young entrepreneur named Mr. Subodh Dutt, decided to take his chance to succeed in the tea business. From a space within a small sales counter in the twin tower at College Street Market to now working on a throne, it has indeed been a wonderful journey. For decades, we have been specialising in the best quality teas, offering flavourful brews for your regular sips, special occasion, and also for that leisurely Sundays. Our aim is to take you on a trip to the most famous tea gardens with every sip.

Who are we ?

We are the leading dealers and exporters of tea in India with our roots back in 1923. It all started with a young entrepreneur named Mr. Subodh Dutt, who passed fresh out of Presidency College and decided to pursue a career in the tea business. He hailed from a small town guy from Darjeeling, the snow-clad Himalayas with his family having domicile years ago, giving him an added advantage to reach his objectives.

The journey started within a small sales counter beneath the twin tower at the College Street Market. Since the quality of our tea was fresh and good and the prices quite reasonable, we soon carved a niche for ourselves and gradually became the best tea shop in kolkata and have been maintaining an amazing record.

What we do?

We have been setting benchmarks in the tea industry as an organic tea manufacturer and exporter in India. We walk the extra mile to deliver the best of the freshness and abundance of Assam and the delightfulness of Darjeeling. We acknowledge that tea is beyond just being an energy beverage. To the tea connoisseurs, tea is an emotion that very less resonates. We provide a wide range of Darjeeling, Assam, Exotic and Speciality tea to make your tea breaks an enriching and relaxing time. We provide unmatched blends at an affordable price to cater to your specific requirements and desires and sip on perfection.

Our deliverables

Our motto is to carry the concept of tea to higher levels of perfection. As one of the pioneering organic tea dealers and exporters, we provide a wide array of tea including the best of Darjeeling and Assam along with scented tea, black tea, Oolong tea, exotic tea and speciality tea. Our main deliverable is to provide the tea aficionado with the perfect blends by sourcing traditional and handmade Oolong tea and Muscatel Darjeeling tea. Along with delivering the traditional tea blends, we have a range of speciality blends including spice tea, white tea and the famous earl grey.

Our Timeline

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