Monthly Archives: January 2023

organic tea exporters in India

Nepalese Tea Hurting Darjeeling Tea?

Early last year, a Parliamentary Standing Committee reported that tea from Nepal was slowly “infiltrating” the Darjeeling tea industry. The report noted that Nepalese tea was trying to usurp the position of Darjeeling tea. Firstly, the report noted that there was widespread and unchecked entry of Nepalese tea into the region. If one knows the […]

The Grim State of Affairs of the Darjeeling Tea Industry

The Economic Times reported it. The Government knows it. The locals fear it and the estate owners are wondering what to do about it. Darjeeling Tea is under threat, and unless the government comes to the aid of the industry, the “Champagne of Teas” will become a thing of the past. The situation is such […]

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